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Custom Seat for the Harley Davidson Rocker and Rocker C
Custom Seat for the Harley Davidson Rocker and Rocker C
Custom Seat for the Harley Davidson Rocker and Rocker C
Item#: customseatrocker
Cover Options and Upgrades:  Seat Stage according to Height : 

Product Description
Perforated Leather Insert

Bull Hide Insert

Bull Hide Insert and Bull Hide Band

This is our famous accordion seat to function with the movement of the fender. It attaches with a tongue in the front, two rubber grommets in the middle and hardware kit, and snap lock Velcro to the fender. The installation is very simple and your bike will not need any modifications. The fender will not move against the seat, which will not wear on your paint. You will feel the road similar to riding a ridged bike because the back of the seat is moving with the fender and has a much different look than some of the seats offered. Rich, the owner developed this Accordion solo system around 15 years ago for the custom world and have been making them ever sense.

The seat includes:

-Custom hand shaping foam and density that is made to your specifications (height, weight, ECT) -Nitrated air gel (does not hold hot or cold, breathes well with weather)

-All Italian smooth leather cover

-Velour lining

We do recommend upgrading the standard smooth Italian leather to a bull hide insert which is a heavier grain. Using this upgrade will help with wear due to the movement from the fender. Over time the smooth leather may crease and the bull hide is much more heavy duty and wears really well.

What Seat Stage is for you?

Stage One Seat If you are 5 feet 10 inches or taller this seat will fit your standards perfectly. Please include during your check out your exact height, weight, and inseam so we can custom build the seat to you!

Stage Two Seat If you are below 5 feet 10 inches this seat will fit your standards. Since our seat moves you back 3 inches and lower 3 inches you will no be able to reach the handle bars and controls if you were to order the Stage one. The Stage Two seat will allow you to handle and ride the bike safely and you will be very comfortable. In order to use the Stage two seats there are a few things you will need to do. The stage two seats are made for a Rocker that is lowered. The approximate height you will need to lower the bike is one inch. To do this you have a couple options through Bitchin Seat Co. The first is a standard lowing kit. This will get the job done and only costs $100.00. The second option is the Progressive Shock System ($499.95). Bitchin Seat Co. highly recommends aftermarket Progressive shocks. Like many Harley Davidson owners, you will want to modify several things on the bike to make it your own and this should be one of the first things along with the seat. We have several customers that cannot believe the difference in the ride and how much of a difference the shocks will make to your riding experience. We have several customer testimonials on this alone and how it will improve your bike. This will firm up your ride and also lower your bike to the height you will need for the Stage two seats. Many customers purchase the Progressive Shocks with stage one seats as well just for the added comfort and handling for their bike. Please include during your check out your exact height, weight, and inseam so we can custom build the seat to you!

*The upgrades included to choose from are our standard upgrades; if you are interested in other upgrade options please contact us for more information.

***Each seat from Bitchin Seat Company is built per order for each individual customer. All of our seats are custom or semi custom for each customer. We are not a mass manufacture. Once your order is placed it is processed and begun.

Bitchin Seat Company is a first come first serve basis.

Our lead time as of today: 3-4 weeks
Please call or email us at any time for questions or more information: 714.632.9600 or